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Day 25 – Thursday, February 1st
Reading: Joel 2:25-29
Joel 2:25 “I will restore to you the years…” Joel 2:28 “I will pour out my Spirit…”
Ask: Following the fast in Joel 2, the Lord made these promises: Restore and Pour. The Israelites living during the time of Joel’s prophecy needed God to bring this healing to their lives. Today, the Church needs these promises of restoring and pouring more than ever. Restore our faith; restore our commitment to Jesus; Restore our hunger and passion for you; Restore what the enemy has taken. If there is any difficulty you are facing, ask the Lord for restoration today as we finish 24 for 24. The promise of pouring out His Spirit is our second ask as we finish our 24 days. Let’s ask God to continue to pour out His Spirit over your life, your family, our church, and communities.
Pray: Take time today and ask the Lord to pour and restore!
Day 24 - Wednesday, January 31
Reading: Joel 2:15-17
Ask: Today is our last day of 24 for 24. As we finish out our time, our reading starts out with the blowing of a trumpet. Why did Joel command this here and in Joel 2:1. Take a moment and study the purpose of the trumpet blast. Why did Joel tell the people prepare? To gather? To call a sacred assembly and a holy fast? Do you see any similarities of why we should be doing the same today?
Prayer: Take time to finish out your fast with prayer; for your family, our church, our communities and region, and our nation. Ask God to show you how you can adopt this lifestyle of prayer and sacrifice into your daily routine. As our corporate fast ends, pray and ask the Lord how you can continue in these Spiritual disciplines.
PS: 25 comes tomorrow…
Day 23 – Tuesday, January 30
Reading: Joel 2:12-14
Ask: In this passage, the Prophet Joel is telling God’s people to return to Him; but with fasting, weeping and mourning. If you have struggled in your relationship with Jesus, how can you return to Him? Then, in verse 13, Joel gives us the command to rend our hearts instead of our clothing. What is more important during our 24 for 24, outward appearance or inward change? How has the Holy Spirit changed your heart these last 3 weeks?
Prayer: Three big “R’s” of this passage: Return, Rend, and Repent. Begin to pray for your family or friends to return to Jesus. Ask God to give you ideas on how to rend your heart. Finally, if there is an issue of sin in your life, take time to repent and ask Jesus to forgive (1 John 1:9).
Day 22 - Monday, January 29th
Reading: Isaiah 58:6-12
Ask: In our Scripture reading today, we see the results of the type of fast God has chosen. Isaiah finishes out his prophetic Word by sharing how God answers the Spiritual journey we’ve been experiencing. Starting in the middle of verse 10, we read these outcomes. Which of these (vs. 10b-12) speak to your heart and why?
Pray: As you pray today, take time to focus on what the Lord is speaking to you about the results of the fast He chooses. Ask how you can be a part of building wasted places or raising up the foundation of generations to come. Perhaps you need the Lord to strengthen your bones or satisfy your soul. Whichever of these outcomes are ministering to you, use this moment to cry out to God for revelation and healing.
Day 21 – Sunday, January 28th 
Reading: Take time to read the Scripture used in today’s Message at Valley Community Church.
Ask: How did God speak to you today? Was there something said that you need to remember?
Pray: Ask God for deeper revelation and understanding in what you learned through today’s sermon.
Day 20 - January 27
Reading: Isaiah 58:1-9
Ask: What has God been showing you about fasting through this passage? How have you incorporated this knowledge into your 24 for 24? The last 2 verses in this passage are an “if/then” statement of sorts. What is God promising those who follow the type of fast He has chosen? How has this impacted you?
Pray: Take time to pray through each verse of Isaiah 58:6-9. Focus on the purpose of fast God has chosen. Then seek God for His healing, righteousness, and for His Glory. As you pray, realize God is your Guard. Let’s all continue to seek the Holy Spirit to guide our times of fasting during these last few days of 24 for 24.
Day 19 – January 26th 
Reading: Isaiah 58:1-7
Ask: What had God chosen as the type of fast for the Israelites? Looking back on all 7 verses, what is God showing you through your time of fasting and spiritual disciplines? As we have seen in these verses in Isaiah, the Israelites focused more on their needs during their fast, instead of seeking the kind of fast God had chosen for them. How can you protect your time during 24 for 24 to prevent this from happening in your life?
Pray: During your time of prayer today, ask God to reveal the fast He has chosen. As you have refrained and replaced today, make a request for Holy Spirit to reveal His Wisdom. Pray for protection in our church and all those involved with 24 for 24 that our focus remains on God’s purpose.
Day 18 - January 25th
Reading: Isaiah 58:1-6
Ask: What kind of fast was God calling the Israelites too through the Prophet Isaiah? What kind of fast were they performing?  The Israelites, in this passage of Scripture, had made fasting an outward expression, to the point of looking like hypocrites. Their intentions for the fast came more out of habit or routine than a Holy call for change. How can you protect yourself from this idea during our 24 for 24.
 Pray: As you pray, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as we enter the last few days of our time of fasting. Ask the Lord to remind you again and reveal His purpose for your life and Valley Community Church. Take time to pray and thank God for His grace given through Jesus and His sacrifice. 
Day 17 – January 24th
Reading: Isaiah 58:1-3
Ask: In these verses, you are reading an incredibly important prophetic statement about Israel. The nation of Israel was outwardly honoring God with prayer and fasting, yet they were not honoring God with their lives and continuing in sin. How can we guard ourselves from falling into the same type of mindset? Does your life reflect your relationship with Christ? How do you see God speaking to you through these verses?
Pray: As you pray, ask the Lord to keep you aligned to the purpose of our fast. Ask God to guard your heart from complaining like the Israelites were doing in Isaiah 58:3. If your lifestyle isn’t lining up with God’s commands (Is. 58:2), then take time to repent and ask for forgiveness.
Day 16 – January 23rd
Reading: Acts 13:1-3
Ask: The last lesson from Acts 13:1-3 regarding corporate fasting was this: Fasting prepares us for sending. Before the Apostle Paul ever went on a missionary journey, planted a church, or wrote a letter, the Antioch Church worshipped, prayed, fasted, and then sent Paul and Barnabas. How will your time of prayer and fasting impact someone’s life? Where is God sending you (workplace; neighborhood; church; home; or another community)? How can our church impact “sending”?
Pray: As you take time for prayer today, ask the Holy Spirit to show you where He is sending you for ministry. Just like we prayed yesterday, ask the Lord to continue to reveal the places where He’s called you in ministry. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal to our Leadership Team at the church where we are to “send”.
Day 15 – January 22nd
Reading: Acts 13:1-3
Ask: The third idea we learned from Acts 13:1-3 regarding corporate fasting was this: Fasting sets us apart for ministry. In verse 2, it says, “Set apart Barnabus and Saul for the work I’ve called them to do.” What is God revealing to you about your ministry? Is it in your workplace; neighborhood; church; or home. Did you take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment handed out in service yesterday? What did the results reveal?
Pray: As you take time for prayer today, ask the Holy Spirit to show you how He is setting you apart for ministry. Ask the Lord to continue to reveal the places where He’s called you in ministry. Finally, ask the Giver of the Spiritual Gifts to show you how to operate in your calling.
Day 14 – Sunday, January 21st 
Reading: Take time to read the Scripture used in today’s Message at Valley Community Church.
Ask: How did God speak to you today? Was there something said that you need to remember?
Pray: Ask God for deeper revelation and understanding in what you learned through today’s sermon.
Day 13 - Saturday, January 20th
Reading: Acts 13:1-3
Ask: Continuing with the message from this past Sunday, the second idea we learned about corporate fasting was this: Fasting places us in a position to hear from God. In verse 2, it says, “While they were worshipping and fasting, the Holy Spirit said…” As you have walked through these last 13 days of 24 for 24, what are you hearing from the Holy Spirit? How is God speaking to you?
Pray: As you take time for prayer today, continue to ask the Holy Spirit to speak into your life and our church. Ask the Lord to show you how you can continue to position yourself to hear His voice.
Day 12 - January 19th
Reading: Acts 13:1-3
Ask: This past Sunday, Pastor Ryan shared from Acts 3:1-3 about fasting as a church. The Antioch church served as a launching pad for the Apostle Paul and his ministry. In these verses, we see 4 important ideas that come from corporate fasting. The first one is this: Fasting is always accompanied by another Spiritual Discipline. What Spiritual Discipline have you replaced your time with? How has this impacted your 24 for 24?
Pray: Take time today and thank God for Spiritual Disciplines, such as prayer, worship, and Bible reading. Ask the Lord to take you deeper in your relationship with Him as you practice these disciplines while you are fasting.
Day 11 – January 18th
Reading: Matthew 6:17-18
Ask: In this passage of Scripture, Jesus gives His expectations for fasting. How does Jesus instruct us “Not” to fast? Why? How does He encourage us to fast? Why do you think Jesus was strategic in these instructions?
Pray: As you continue in our time of fasting and prayer, ask God to guide you through 24 for 24. Ask Him to reveal the purpose and plans for your life. As you refrain and replace, realize what you do in the natural will impact the Spiritual.
Day 10 – January 17th
Reading: Matthew 6:5-8
Ask: In this passage of Scripture, Jesus gives His expectations for praying individually. How and where does Jesus tell us “Not” to pray? Why? How and where does Jesus encourage us to pray? Why? Do you have a place where you pray? Where are some private places you connect with God in prayer?
Pray: In a world full of distractions, ask God to show you places where and how you can connect in prayer with Him. Intentionally put your phone in a place where you can’t access it. Now just spend time with God.
Day 9 – January 16th
Reading: Luke 11:1-4
Ask: This is the only recorded time in the Gospels when the disciples ask Jesus to teach them. Why do you think they chose prayer? If you could have Jesus teach you anything, what would you ask? Would it be prayer? Why or why not?
Pray: One of the best ideas regarding prayer was this quote from John Chapman; “Pray as you can, and don’t try to pray as you can’t.” As you take time for prayer, ask God to teach you how to pray. Use the Lord's prayer as your guide. Don't just quote it from memory, pray through it uses the Christ's words and teaching.
Day 8 – January 15th
Reading: Philippians 4:4-7
Ask: In this passage, Paul wrote these words: “Be anxious for nothing. Pray about everything.” How often do you worry and what is your response to the fear or anxiety you are feeling? What do you think is the most strategic statement in this entire passage of Scripture?
Pray: Ask God to teach you how to pray with the knowledge found in Philippians 4:5; “The Lord is near.”
Day 7 – Sunday, January 14th
Reading: Take time to read the Scripture used in today’s Message at Valley.
Ask: How did God speak to you today? Was there something said that you need to remember?
Pray: Ask God for deeper revelation and understanding in what you learned through today’s sermon.
Day 6 – January 13th
Reading: Esther 4:9-16
Ask: Esther was asked to go before the King without an invitation knowing this could lead to her death. God revealed her purpose through Mordecai with this statement: “Such a time as this”. Why do you believe Esther replied by asking her people too fast? What do we learn about fasting in this story? How does your life reflect “such a time as this” in your relationship with God.
Pray: Ask God to show you the strategic moments He has assigned for your life.
Day 5 – January 12th
Reading: Daniel 10:1-14
Ask: Why did Daniel refrain from certain foods and pray for 21 days? What happened to the messenger (Angel) who was sent by God? Why do you think prayer was so important in this passage of Scripture (how did Daniel’s prayer impact the angel)? What did the Angel reveal to Daniel?
Pray: Ask God to reveal the Spiritual battles that occur during our moments of trial and testing. Take time to pray for wisdom from God’s Word as we go through 24 for 24.
Day 4 – January 11th
Reading: Luke 4:18-19
Ask: Jesus read from Isaiah 61 in His first sermon. In this passage, the Lord reveals His purpose. What is the purpose God has for your life? How is He revealing it to you?
Pray: Ask God to reveal His purpose for your life today, this week, and this year.
Day 3 – January 10th
Reading: Luke 4:14-19
Ask: Following Jesus’ fast, according to verse 1 4, how did He begin His ministry?
Pray: Ask God for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit during your time of fasting.
Day 2 – January 9th
Reading: Luke 4:1-13
Ask: During Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, He faced the attack and temptations of the enemy. Ask God to reveal any struggles you might face during your fast and how you can overcome them. How did Jesus use the Word of God during His fast?
Pray: Ask God for Scriptures to strengthen you during this Spiritual encounter.
Day 1 – January 8th
Reading: Luke 4:1-13
Ask: Jesus completed a 40-day full fast. What type of fast is God encouraging you to complete during our 24 for 24? Consider taking a small step if this is new to you.
Pray: As you pray, ask God to reveal the type of fast you are to experience.
-Times of Prayer and Fasting are found in both the Old and New Testament. (Nehemiah 1 & 9; Isaiah 58; Daniel 10; Joel 2; Matthew 6; Luke 4; Acts 13)
-Each Biblical time of fasting dealt with an intentional time giving up food.Here are the three practical steps you can follow for the next 24 days:
  1. REFRAINING from a meal or eating for a Spiritual gain.
  2. REPLACING our time with prayer and Bible when we would have been eating.
  3. REQUESTING God to reveal His plan, in both our individual lives and as a church.
-Here are the three purposes we are asking of God during these 24 days:
  1. REVEALING God’s purpose for our individual lives, our families, and friends, and for Valley Community Church in 2024.
  2. RETURNING to a Biblical practice for Spiritual impact in our lives and Church.
  3. REQUESTING God to pour out His Spirit on all people as He did following the time of fasting in Joel 2.
  1. Ask the Lord to guide you on how to fast:
    • Times of fasting and prayer occur throughout the Scripture, but it always involves giving up food or a meal for a certain period of time.
    • We encourage you to keep your fast between you and the Lord but realize there may be moments to explain what you are doing to family or friends. (Example: sharing with your spouse or family as to why you might be refraining from supper.)
  2. Types of Fasting:
    • Partial Fast – This is the type of fast Valley is encouraging you to consider:
      • Specific Meal: such as Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.
      • Specific Time: an example might be from the time you wake up until 6:00PM.
      • Specific Day: some people will choose to fast on a certain day of the week.
    • Daniel Fast – This type of fast comes from Daniel 10 and there are several resources available on the internet.
      • It specifically includes refraining from certain types of food.
    • Full Fast – This type of fast would include giving up all food for a determined amount of time.
      • ***Should you choose this type of fasting, it is important for you to communicate your intentions with your family, spouse, or a trusted friend and your health care provider.
  3. Prayer and the Bible:
    • Following Jesus’ example in Luke 4, He consistently used the Word of God during His 40 days of fasting and prayer.
    • As part of the 24 for 24, Valley will provide you with daily ideas for prayer and passages of Scripture as a replacement for your meal.
    • This is a critical component of our fast with the hope of growing closer in our relationship with God.
  4. Struggles, Trials, and Attacks:
    • In moments of fasting, you will notice that there will be struggles you might face, including physical and Spiritual.
    • For example, in Luke 4, during Christ’s 40 days of prayer and fasting, He encountered attacks from the enemy.
    • As mentioned, follow His example by using the Word of God.
    • If you experience struggles during your fast, don’t take this as failure or an opportunity to quit, but rather a time to focus on the Word and Jesus.