LAG Teams-Serving our Christ, church & community

One of the greatest assets we have as a church is our desire to serve.  We believe Christ said it best in Matthew 20:28, "For even the Son of Man came not to e served, but to served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."  We believe the message of the Gospel of Christ is shared not only through our words, but when we serve in our church and community.  The following are a list of our teams:

  • worship team

    Lead by Shane Guthrie.  They are responsible for leading worship, singing and playing instruments in our services.

  • Media (audio/visual)

    Led by Matt Finger & Mike Wagner.  This team is responsible for running the computer and sound board every week.

  • communion Team

    Led by Gregg Vannoster.  They are responsible for preparing and serving communion for our services.

  • Greeter Team

    Led by Ted Webster.  This team is responsible for greeting, meeting, and help with seating during our services.

  • Prayer Team

    Led by Pastor David Spare.  This team has felt the call to prayer.  Prayer for our church, to pray with others during our services and beyond.

  • Children's Ministry Team

    Pastor Sharon Toll leads this team.  This team is in charge of the instruction and care of our children during our services, both Sunday and Wednesday.

  • Refined Youth Ministry Team

    Pastor Jarred Smith is in charge of this crew.  Pastor Jarred and his team are responsible for the instruction and care of our youth ministry through LAG at The Place.

  • Refined Youth Worship Team

    Led by Katie Hainer.  They are responsible for the leading of worship, singing, and playing instruments at the Place.

  • Security Team

    Led by Jason Zink.  This group is responsible for the safety of our people while in our facilities.

  • Theater Team

    Led by Rachel Webster.  This team volunteers to run the State Theatre as a community service.

  • Leadership team

    Led by Ryan Webster.  This group is responsible for the overall vision of LAG. Includes both staff and deacons of LAG.

  • Care Team

    Led by Rachel Webster.  This team takes care of meals for families in need or recovery from illness or surgery.

  • Facilities Team

    This is a group just developing.  Pastor Shane will be leading the group in charge of taking care of facility repairs and maintenance.